Robin Crafoord (dj set)

Oslo based techno stalwarts Trulz & Robin have been apart of building the Norwegian electronic music scene for 2 decades. Trulz & Robin are on a roll at the moment. And it seems the roll is a continuous one.
In the forthcoming months, a number of new releases will surface and see the light. Among other things, a new twelve on Prins Thomas' much acclaimed disco-label Full Pupp. And as this is being written news of yet another release: Trulz & Robins 'presents Ksmisk.


Elektro Romantik

Trulz & Robin SC


Together with label boss Arildo Lopez the guys are busy with their label, Cymawax/Cymasonic which is also home to several new Trulz & Robin releases. Not only has the acclaimed producer and DJ duo three twelves and one album behind them before the month of September is even here; it appears that this generous release rate will be decisive for the rest of the year ahead. There's even talk of yet another new album.